Saturday, May 28, 2011

Women Hairstyles | Women Hairstyles 2011

The common characteristics of a long face usually include large eyes, long (often with lush eyebrows and eyelashes), usually a long narrow nose, a high forehead, a large area of ??the cheeks, and a long chin. For these and, at times a bit exaggerated features, there are ways that women can manipulate their hair to counter and then have them appear a little tiny. Fortunately, it leaves a lot of opportunities for fun and interesting styles.

First, the explosions are a great way to offset the long face, helping to minimize the front is exposed. Bangs can be very sensual (see soap stars), and you can look sophisticated and stylish. Explosions are very versatile so you can experiment to find the perfect length and style. Can be used in any length from half-way between the eyebrows and hairline, below the eyebrows and put just under the eyes.

Moving down, the cheeks and face-centered, the total length becomes the challenge. Again, it is easy to remedy. Adding volume to your hair is a good way to compensate for this feature. hair extra volume will help provide the illusion of a round face. If you have naturally thick or curly hair can be fun so as to accentuate the volume, and if you can not just use the many tools and products that are designed to increase the volume of fine hair.


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